We long for a fulfilled, meaningful and happy life. For development and growth. However, our path often leads us to a life that is separate from our inner truth. It usually follows external guidelines. At some point, we feel that the life we lead may secure us success and material wellbeing, however, it does not fulfil us on the inside. In this case, we have two options: We continue on our path unperturbed, ignoring our inner voice, or we begin to turn to our inner self and recognise what needs, desires and dreams lie dormant within us. To finally bring them to light and into our lives. If we do this, we experience aliveness, fulfilment and joy. 

This process takes time and the willingness to turn to one’s own inner self. It consists of two phases: the phase of becoming aware and the phase of transformation.

We have a choice: either we live our inner truth or we follow external guidelines. The former leads us to happiness and fulfilment, while the latter might lead to exhaustion and illness.

The phase of becoming aware

It resembles the astonished awakening of someone who has been asleep for a very long time. This phase is about becoming aware of one’s own thoughts, expectations and bad compromises in life. For it is they that determine our lives. It is worth taking a thorough look at all areas of life. If there is lack, conflict or emptiness in one area, this has an impact on all other areas of life. It is like a rotten apple in a basket that infects all the others. 

At the same time, the conscious perception of what is currently going on in one’s own life is often interconnected with the (re)discovery of one’s true desires. Often it happens for the very first time that we, as adults, become aware of our needs and longings with this clarity.

Inner change takes place in two phases: the phase of becoming aware and the phase of actual inner transformation. 

Both need openness and patience. 

The phase of transformation

The second, subsequent phase involves the actual transformation. This phase is about bringing the (re)discovered desires and dreams into life. To do this, it is first necessary to release limiting beliefs that have prevented us from bringing our true selves into life. This is mandatory in order to establish new, supportive attitudes. The entire process takes place in small, manageable steps. 

From my own experience I know that this process can sometimes be painful. It takes honesty but it is THE path that has helped me and many other people to become happier, more fulfilled and more alive.

Releasing limiting beliefs is an indispensable step of inner and outer transformation.

I am offering you experienced and appreciative support on your path. This gives you security as well as clarity and direction in this complex process. You can choose to receive my support in the form of energetic coaching and/or workshops and seminars. 

Individual coaching is mainly dedicated to letting go of your blocking beliefs, while the seminars and workshops offer you the opportunity to deal with different life issues in a group. Click on the buttons below to get detailed information about the contents and my current offers. 


If there is one belief that can move mountains, it is the belief in one’s own soul power.  

Freely adapted from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach